Oil & Gas

Texas is historically a land of opportunity for oil and gas companies. The Rutherford Law Firm PLLC, San Antonio, TX, has helped numerous companies and individuals with legal matters related to these industries over many decades. Our team of attorneys has extensive knowledge of the state and federal laws that apply to this important industry. We have won complex cases in state and federal courts, and the focus of our litigation and transactional law practice is primarily on representing lessors.

The Rutherford Law Firm PLLC

“Neither by chance, nor by fate” is what the Rutherford Law Firm PLLC keeps in mind when working on oil and gas cases. We are determined to get the best outcome possible for our clients, and we know from extensive experience with oil and gas litigation and transactional law practice how to accomplish that goal. Our detailed case preparation and presentation are key elements to winning arguments at the negotiation table or cases in the courtroom. We have a strong record of winning at state and federal court trials and appeals for clients from Texas and other states.

A team approach takes advantage of our attorneys’ complementary range of experience and legal knowledge in multiple areas of law practice. Our clients receive comprehensive legal representation on all legal matters, personalized attention, are regularly updated on case progress, and our attorneys are always readily available by smartphone or email to answer questions or client concerns about legal matters.

San Antonio Oil and Gas Attorneys

Much of the transactional work our San Antonio Oil and Gas Attorneys do for landowners involves the use of their property by oil and gas companies. We do handle cases involving gas and oil bearing property acquisition and divestiture, midstream assets and more for oil and gas service companies, but our goal is affordable representation of landowners and their legal issues. We recognize that landowners are often fighting against strong legal teams that represent those oil and gas companies.

  • Lawsuits – disputes often arise that require strong legal representation to protect landowner rights
  • Lease Negotiation – landowners benefit from an aggressive and experience legal team at the negotiation table before, during and after leases are signed
  • Rights of Way – access to oil and gas fields is critical to project success
  • Easements – legal permission to run pipelines across property may be necessary; these can affect land use and future value
  • Environmental Compliance – we make sure all requirements for compliance are met


Attorneys at the Rutherford Law Firm are experienced litigators who represent clients in state and federal courts across Texas and in arbitration proceedings. Typical lawsuits a landowner may need legal representation to win include:

  • Royalty underpayment
  • Breach of contracts, warranties or implied covenants
  • Termination of leases
  • Unreasonable damage to surface of the property
  • Environment contamination

To discuss your oil and gas legal concerns, contact the Rutherford Law Firm PLLC, San Antonio, TX. Call us now, at (210) 225-4200.