Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a method for resolving business disputes. The range of issues that can wind up in litigation is very broad, including matters of finance, property and ownership. Commercial disputes need to be settled quickly and efficiently, to keep costs down and allow the business to continue to function and maintain profitability. Business owners regularly turn to the Rutherford Law Firm PLLC, in San Antonio, TX, for full-service legal representation for all business legal matters that affect their companies. We are committed to winning cases, and we are also extremely adept at achieving cost-effective agreements through negotiation.

The Rutherford Law Firm PLLC

Attorneys at the Rutherford Law Firm PLLC, has been helping people in San Antonio, South Texas and other states resolve commercial disputes for decades. Our lawyers have exceptional knowledge of business and contract law, and with their complementary talents offer clients comprehensive legal representation for all legal matters, including commercial litigation. Our attorneys have over 100 years’ combined experience in business, contract, real estate and personal injury law to provide our clients with a remarkable knowledge base for winning cases.

Partners Daniel R. Rutherford, S. Tyler Rutherford and Jim C. Phillips use a team approach when working with clients, always keeping their client’s best interests as a top priority. Our attorneys are available by smartphone and email at all times, which enables them to keep clients informed about case progress and to promptly answer any questions or concerns.

San Antonio Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Our team of San Antonio Commercial Litigation Attorneys has a long history of winning complex courtroom cases, bringing clients millions of dollars in awards. We understand business operations and work proactively with clients to produce a winning strategy on their behalf. Commercial litigation may arise from disputes in any area of business, including franchises, products liability or patent, trademark and intellectual property disputes.

Our commercial litigation services can address problems and disputes in many areas of business or trade operations, including:

  • Finance and Financial Obligations
  • Business Structure & Changes – partnership, acquisitions, mergers
  • Contracts & Employee Issues
  • Real Estate – Property Issues, Purchases/Sales
  • Ownership Rights
  • Premises Liability
  • Compliance
  • International Trade/Business Issues

Winning Commercial Litigation

Our legal team of experienced attorneys knows what it takes to win even the most complex litigation cases. We work towards resolving disputes quickly, but when a case goes to court, we are aggressive and relentless in our efforts for clients. Our team has won hundreds of cases at trial and appeals, and we have brought clients millions of dollars of satisfactory awards and settlements.

Contact the Rutherford Law Firm PLLC, San Antonio, TX, if you are in a commercial litigation dispute or considering filing a lawsuit against another business entity. Call us now for honest legal advice and representation, at (210) 225-4200.