Any time you are involved with construction, there are complex details and issues to consider, many of which require legal advice or representation. The Rutherford Law Firm PLLC, San Antonio, TX, has attorneys ready to serve you with extensive knowledge of construction law and other legalities that apply to property use, transfer and construction activities. We have helped clients in Texas and other state resolve complex legal problems and litigation, including construction lawsuits and contracts.

The Rutherford Law Firm PLLC

We offer clients personal attention and care, along with top priority response to legal concerns and questions about any legal issue. We have helped numerous clients find solutions to important legal matters that arise during commercial and residential construction projects. With construction activities or remodeling projects, many areas of law relate to construction matters. These include:

  • Contract Law
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Defect/Failure
  • Failure to Perform
  • Permits & Licenses
  • Zoning & Association Issues
  • Deed Drafting
  • Loan Documents
  • Property Tax Issues
  • Title Searches &Real Estate Closings
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Foreclosures

If a construction project falls behind, time and money are at stake. In addition, delays could jeopardize another contract or the entire project. We are excellent litigators when construction problems wind up moving into a courtroom. Our team is dedicated to getting the best possible results for clients, and we work diligently at all phases of your case. We keep clients informed and are always available to answer your questions and concerns.

San Antonio Estate Attorneys

Construction lawsuits and contracts are just a portion of the work our attorneys handle at the Rutherford Law Firm PLLC, San Antonio, TX. Our attorneys have combined legal experience of over 100 years, with excellent backgrounds in related areas of law practice that relate to construction matters. We also offer clients full-service estate planning.


Many construction projects result in one or multiple lawsuits over contract matters, liability or performance of duties. It is important to protect your interests whenever you embark upon any construction project, including simple remodeling tasks. Our San Antonio Estate Attorneys provide experience legal knowledge advice and representation to South Texas clients and others who need top quality legal assistance to resolve legal matters.


Having valid contracts that work for you and protect your interests is an essential part of the legal representation our law firm provides. The small details of construction contracts and real estate contracts can halt even a major project, causing delays and upping the costs of the entire construction job. Failure to perform, premises liability and employee issues are often addressed in contracts, so it is doubly important that you are confident that a contract you sign is one that is properly prepared and addresses those important issues on your behalf.

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