Recording Audio Conversations in Texas

Face to Face Conversations:

In Texas it is legal to record a conversation with another person as long as one party to the conversation is aware that the conversation is being recorded.  This means that you can hit “record” on your smartphone audio app and record a conversation with you and another person (even three, four, five, etc. persons).  The scheme is outlined in Tex. Penal Code Sect. 16.02. This is the Texas Wiretapping Law and details what is prohibited in electronically recording audio information.  Under this law, you can also give your recording device to someone else in the room, get that persons consent that you are making a recording, and have that person make a recording for you.

Recording Telephone Calls:

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Expunction of Criminal Records in Texas

We have received several phone calls from clients wanting to get records of crimes expunged. An expunction can help you if you have a criminal record and are applying for a job, college, or simply looking for a new home or apartment.

An expunction can clean up a past criminal matter, but the process occurs in civil court.  Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering an expunction: Continue reading